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Chris Robinson

Australian born guitarist Chris Robinson (Christopher Paul Robinson) has collaborated with numerous artists including David Friesen, Kai Eckhardt, Tilok Gurtu, Dave Weckl, Marco Minneman, Simon Phillips, Trey Gunn, Eddie Jobson, Sean Rickman, and many others.

After several years of using various vintage guitars and somewhat dis-satisfied, Chris developed a design concept for a guitar which would suit his needs. In 2008, Chris came across Rick Canton's visionary guitar designs.

"... from 2006 onwards I spent two years or longer discussing the idea of getting this thing actually made with luthiers from all corners of the globe. I probably met or spoke to about a dozen luthiers in detail about it. Finally I came across Rick's instruments and I knew this was going to get done the right way. Not only did he respect the design rather than trying to change a lot of things, but he creatively problem-solved along the way and ended up bringing his modern techniques into the mix too. So it's really a true 21st century instrument, yet extremely organic and earthy..."

Chris has used his Canton-built guitar in all performances and recordings since 2010.

Chris Robinson and his Canton Custom Instrument