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Mark Papagno

"The debut album from Baltimore's Mark Papagno Trio is a fine fusion recording that has strong shades of Allan Holdsworth's work, mixed with straight-ahead jazz sensibilities. Joining guitarist Papagno are Joshua Davis (Tim Miller) on double bass, and Todd Harrison (Jazz Ambassadors) on drums. All of Trio's tracks were written by Papagno, and are largely driven by his jazzy chordal melodies and lyrical improvised lines. The music is very advanced from a harmonic standpoint, but it's delivered with a raw, live approach that allows the songs to breath.

With his smooth overdriven lead tone, fast legato lines, and head scratch-inducing chords, Papagno will certainly draw comparisons to Holdsworth. However, there's an airy, Tim Miller-like quality in his playing and writing as well. And while Papagno's solos do have that inquisitive, searching quality that many legato-style players possess, he rarely sounds like he's "noodling." No matter how crazy his lines may be, he always manages to land on his feet, thanks in large part to his strong vibrato and phrasing.

There has been an exciting change in the lineup for Baltimore guitarist Mark Papagno's newest project. Mark is now working with the amazing and innovative drummer Marco Minnemann (The Aristocrats, Joe Satriani, UK) and bassist Josh Davis (Tim Miller) on the release X."

Mark Papagno and his Canton Custom Instrument