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The Equinox Model

The Equinox is an ergonomically focused design that allows the neck to sit at a 45 degree angle while the guitar remains in perfect balance weather sitting or standing.

The Equinox Model horizontal view


The Equinox Model vertical view



Hardware and Electronics:



Chambered Goncalo Alves Body With Curly Maple Top And Satin Finish

  • equinox.31.jpg
  • equinox.32.jpg
  • equinox.33.jpg
  • equinox.34.jpg
  • equinox.35.jpg
  • equinox.36.jpg

Chambered Mahogany Body With Curly Maple Top

  • equinox.37.jpg
  • equinox.38.jpg
  • equinox.39.jpg
  • equinox.40.jpg
  • equinox.41.jpg
  • equinox.42.jpg

Chambered Maple Body With Spruce Top

  • equinox.43.jpg
  • equinox.44.jpg
  • equinox.45.jpg
  • equinox.46.jpg
  • equinox.47.jpg
  • equinox.48.jpg

Chambered Sapele Body With Curly Maple Top

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  • equinox.50.jpg
  • equinox.51.jpg
  • equinox.52.jpg
  • equinox.53.jpg
  • equinox.54.jpg