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The Jazz Model

The Jazz is the result of combining traditional elements with an ergonomic focus. Utilizing light-weight woods and an almost fully hollow body, this instrument is highly resonant, lending itself comfortably to the jazz and jazz fusion worlds.

The Jazz Model horizontal view


The Jazz Model vertical view



Hardware and Electronics:



Chambered Alder With Burled Top

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  • jazz.56.jpg
  • jazz.57.jpg
  • jazz.58.jpg
  • jazz.59.jpg
  • jazz.60.jpg

Chambered Alder With Curly Top

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  • jazz.62.jpg
  • jazz.63.jpg
  • jazz.64.jpg
  • jazz.65.jpg

Chambered Alder With Quilted Top

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  • jazz.67.jpg
  • jazz.68.jpg
  • jazz.69.jpg
  • jazz.70.jpg
  • jazz.71.jpg