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The Klein Variation Model

Inspired by master luthier Steve Klein's ergonomic design, this model incorporates a slightly different shape, increased internal chambering, Rick's bolt-on heel design, and more external contouring that allows effortless access to the 24th fret.

The Klein Variation Model horizontal view


The Klein Variation Model vertical view



Hardware and Electronics:



Klein Variation With Chambered Mahogany

  • kleinvariation.81.jpg
  • kleinvariation.82.jpg
  • kleinvariation.83.jpg

Klein Variation With Chambered Mahogany And XS-Trem

  • kleinvariation.77.jpg
  • kleinvariation.78.jpg
  • kleinvariation.79.jpg
  • kleinvariation.80.jpg

Klein Variation With Midi

  • kleinvariation.84.jpg
  • kleinvariation.85.jpg
  • kleinvariation.86.jpg
  • kleinvariation.87.jpg
  • kleinvariation.88.jpg
  • kleinvariation.89.jpg